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**Some Ingredient, nutrition, allergen and other product information are provided on our Web and Mobile sites for reference purpose only, without warranty or representation as to accuracy. Manufacturers adjust their labeling regularly and are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information.**
Q: How long will my order take?
A: All orders are processed between 3-5 days and arrive in about 3-5 business days. Shipping can be sooner if orders are not backed up and there are no delays! If you live outside of the U.S., shipping is longer and can take up to 2-4 weeks depending.
Q: What is the jewelry made out of?
A: Most of my jewelry is made out of Alloy Metal but if it is another material, it will be noted in the product description. Metals vary from Alloy metal, Stainless Steel, & Gold Plated. 
Q: Will the jewelry tarnish?
A: The jewelry is made to last but without the proper care, it can tarnish. Please DO NOT wet the jewelry unless it is stated that it is gold plated or stainless steel.
Q: Are all orders filmed on TikTok?
A: I try my best to film some orders but I cannot film them all. I cannot promise that all orders will be filmed but I will try my best. NOTE: Not all are recorded
Q: What payment options do you accept?
A: I accept Debit/Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards, PayPal, Klarna, & Afterpay.
Q: What if my order comes broken or missing items?
A: Please make sure you contact my business email ( Make sure you include your name and order number and state what happened and send pictures. A solution will later be discussed depending on the evidence provided. 
Q: What happens if my order is missing or lost?
A: Please Contact USPS with any issues you have about your order, and then file a claim with USPS. They are responsible for the package once it is sent out!


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